Kaijukuma Pandas

Welcome to the world of Kaijukuma Pandas™.
A Closed Species owned by Ryn Universe.

Terms Of Service


  • Kaijukuma Pandas are a Closed Species, and can not be made without the permission of their owner, Ryn Universe.

  • Currently, Kaijukuma Pandas can only be purchased via adopt, or customs.

  • If you no longer want your Kaijukuma Panda, then you must update the owner and/or group with the name of the new owner and a link to the character.

  • You are not allowed to "breed" your Kaijukuma Pandas with other species, unless you plan to purchase a "child" or "hybrid" slot from The Owner.

  • You must credit The Owner for the species upon initial upload to your gallery.

Adoptables and MYOs

  • Adoptables are only to be sold by The Owner, and/or an Official Creator.

  • Make Your Own's (MYO's) will only be available during the MYO events.

  • You are allowed to reserve a monster from The Owner for a small fee. Once reserved, you will have thirty (30) days to purchase a MYO or Custom slot.

  • Once a MYO slot is purchased, you have sixty (60) days to create your Kaijukuma Panda, or you will be refunded a portion of your payment, and your slot / monster reservation will be released.

  • If you no longer wish to keep your MYO slot, you may re-sell it to another user with confirmation from The Owner and the new purchaser.

  • You must credit The Owner for the species upon initial upload to your gallery.

Can I make a Kaijukuma Panda on my own?
> No. You need permission from The Owner, Ryn Universe, to make one. You may also purchase one from The Owner, or a Kaijukuma Certified Creator.

Why are there so few male Kaijukuma Pandas?
> Kaijukuma Pandas are mostly a female species, with a very low count of males. Males are considered a rarity, and you will usually find one in every twenty or so females.

How much do Kaijukuma Pandas cost?
> MYO slots start at $60 during the event, and $80 outside of the events.
> Customs start at $80 during the event, and $100 outside of the event.

What do the rarity on mutations mean for Kaijukuma Pandas?
> The rarities will affect the cost of the Kaijukuma Panda, and how many you will find out there in the world. There will always only be one Zombie.

Large Ears

  • Kaijukuma Pandas have large, rounded heart shaped ears.

  • They are extremely fluffy at the bottom, like a red panda's.

  • The inner flesh is very minimal, and shaped like a lima bean.

Tail Bands

  • Kaijukuma Pandas wear Control Cords, or tail bands, to help them maintain their forms without turning beastial, or feral.

  • They can have 0 - 3 bands or wraps. The more tail wraps they wear, the less they are in control.


  • They will always have a gem or item on their foreheads that represent their monster base.

  • They tend to wear accessories based on their monsters too.

  • Their tail bands, ear piercings and wraps, forehead gems, and markings will always represent the monster they were based on.


  • Their faces are either flat faced, or short muzzled, like red pandas.

  • Their noses can be large like a bear's, or a small button style.

  • They are omnivores, so they have human-like teeth, with slightly larger canines.


  • Their tails tend to be long, fluffy variants of a red panda's tail.

  • They have a unique bone structure in their tails that allow for some inhuman strength and precision when using their tails.


  • Every Kaijukuma Panda is based on a monster from mythology.

  • There can only be one of each monster in the species. There are exceptions for wide generalizations. Example: Aliens; from Mars, from Neptune, etc.

  • Some Kaijukuma Pandas are more in control of their monsters, and some let their monsters control them instead.

Mutations for Kaijukuma Pandas fall under these categories. Common, Exotic, Rare, and Mythic.

Large HornsMulti EarsZombie
Large WingsMulti TailsShort Tail
Big Hand PawsMulti EyesHead Wings
Goo PartsMulti MouthsNon Monster
Gem PartsNon Paw FeetNon RedPanda
-Night VoidlingNeon Colors
-Corrupted PartsGlowing Markings
-Non RedPanda Tail-

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